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As a business owner, it's a shame to see such horrible service. Dr.

Leslie Gaskill's office is the worst PCP I've ever been to and I would not recommend them to my worst enemy! The staff is extremely rude and they don't return calls. I called to speak with Dr. Leslie Gaskill and was told that she does not take phone calls you have to make an appointment to come in and discuss whatever it is.

I told them it was not medical and was told that her nurse can call me back, but she will not call me back. Really? Are you that awesome that you can't even take 5 mins to speak with your customer. Not a problem, I will go some place else where the doctor and their staff doesn't treat me like I'm worthless.

I feel really sorry for anyone who goes there, b/c I'm not the only person who feels this way about Dr. Leslie Gaskill's office.

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I also had a very bad experience with Dr. Gaskill's practice.

I think their billing practices are shady at best. I made an appointment for a yearly physical (which my insurance pays in full - no co pay) when I checked out they told me I owed a copay because we talked about other issues than what would be normally covered in a physical so they charged me for a physical visit and a separate office visit. I think they should have told me this ahead of time and asked if I wanted to discuss these subjects whatever they were. The sad part was I didn't even receive a complete physical and was told that I would need to make another appointment to have the rest of it.

(therefore another office visit and co pay) I have never experienced this with another Physician. this was just one of the many problems I encountered. I never felt like they had my best interest at heart just tried to get every penny out of me and my insurance company. All of your conversations with the front desk staff are recorded and I think that is why they give short curt answers.


Gaskill herself was very rude to me at one of my visits. Believe me there are better options out there.

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